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Commercial Buildings

Whole Health Clinic

The Whole Health Clinic replaced an obsolete school building with a 25,000 square foot health facility for adults with mental illness and co-occurring disorders. The $6.2 million project, located on a public transit line, serves what was previously one of the least served regions in the Milwaukee area.

The building’s tenant, Whole Health Clinical Group, provides recovery-oriented services and advocacy for more than 800 people living with mental illness in southeastern Wisconsin. The new building will help Whole Health Clinical Group provide coordinated and integrated services in a community-based behavioral health care setting.

The complex financing structure includes New Market Tax Credits equity of $2,030,000, a $3.3 million loan from Tri City bank, a $400,000 contribution from Forward Community Investment, $609,000 from Milwaukee Center For Independence, and a $240,000 equity contribution from Cardinal Capital Management.