Empowerment Village - Lincoln

Empowerment Village - Lincoln

EV Lincoln CS.jpg

Milwaukee, WI

30 units


Our Space, a non-profit that provides supportive services to those with mental illness, worked out of what used to be a funeral home. In a year, they worked with Cardinal Construction to build a replacement. Engaged neighborhood residents were interested in how the new building would fit in the neighborhood, so we held multiple meetings with neighborhood leaders for design suggestions. The conversations led to a contemporary building that both upholds the neighborhood feel and serves the mission of Our Space.

The conversations with neighbors also allowed us to identify a potential issue to the property within inches of EV Lincoln. The slope and orientation of our building’s roof could have resulted in serious snow drifting in Wisconsin’s winters for the neighbor. Our engineers calculated what the new slope of the neighbors roof needed to be and we modified that roof to avoid future problems in a responsible way.