Empowerment Village - National

Empowerment Village - National

EV National CS.jpg

Milwaukee, WI

35 units


Empowerment Village National presented an exciting construction challenge: demolish a building attached to a historic structure to create 35 apartments and office space. Cardinal wanted to rehabilitate the historic building, which was built in the very early 1900s with its own foundation, as office space and demolish the structure it shared walls with to create 35 apartments. Cardinal Construction had to consider the demolition process very thoughtfully: the structure that would soon be 35 apartments had to be demolished without causing damage to the historic building that was to be rehabilitated.

This infill project also required us to “underpin,” or support, the alley while we replaced the foundation that was in place to prevent the alley from collapsing. This merging of old with new was also challenging from an interior structural perspective: none of the floor-to-ceiling heights aligned from the 100-year-old structure to the new structure. We solved the problem with extra elevator stops and interior ramping.

The historical structure became the new home of Our Space, a supportive services non-profit, which replaced their old headquarters. Their previous location became Empowerment Village Lincoln.