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Project Management

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General Contracting and Construction Management

Cardinal Construction has a wealth of experience and knowledge in construction of residential and commercial projects. As General Contractor, Cardinal Construction manages construction of the project from pre-construction through the Certificate of Occupancy.

We work with owners to provide a set price and develop a contract that defines all aspects of the project to be built. We will hire subcontractors who work predominantly at the job site, as well as general laborers, carpenters, or other skilled trades. We have a pool of trusted subcontractors we work with, which provides distinct advantages: Cardinal’s subcontractors are familiar working under our expectations and operating procedures and there is established loyalty and cooperation among all parties. These strong relationships ensure our projects come in on time and under budget.

As the hired Construction Manager, our team can serve as estimators, project managers, and accountants, in addition to providing other management responsibilities that come into play before, during, and after a project. Cardinal Construction works closely with project owners to provide input regarding costs, features, specifications, and materials to arrive at accurate estimates.

Because we are involved in the project early on, our team can make expert recommendations to the project scope, processes, and materials to yield the best value and never miss our opening date.